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1 December 2022
Brussels, Belgium
SMART PO Proposers' Day - 6th Call

SMART PO Proposers' Day - 6th Call

SMART's Sixth Call for Projects is already open.

If you have an Innovative Project Idea on Advanced Manufacturing and you want to form an International Consortium to develop it, come and join us at the face-to-face event we are organising on the 1st of December.

You will be able to meet people from

  • Industry; both Large Companies & SMEs
  • Academia
  • Research Centres
  • National Funding Agencies

that will help you form the perfect consortium to submit a successful project proposal

Why to participate?

  • Showcase your most favourable projects
  • Initiate cross-border contacts and cooperation
  • Find new commercial/technological/research partners
  • Get latest information on Advanced Manufacturing findings
  • Present, discuss and develop new R&D&I projects
  • Get to now your project submission schedule and learn how to build successful SMART Projects

Share your project ideas - Find partners

  1. Download and fill in the template
  2. Send the document to info@smarteureka.com
  3. We will publish it in our Website
  4. Visit this section to see other proposals

SMART Technical domains cover the applications and developments needed to take a big step in the competitiveness of European manufacturing industry and include the following six areas:

  • Advanced Manufacturing Processes
  • Smart & Adaptive Manufacturing Systems
  • Person-Machine Collaboration
  • Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Digital, Virtual & Efficient Companies
  • Customer-Based Manufacturing.

Closed since 1 December 2022
Brussels, Belgium
Organised by
Participants 107
Meetings 39
Türkiye 24
United Kingdom 23
Sweden 16
Spain 14
Belgium 13
South Korea 10
Germany 6
Italy 4
Finland 3
Cyprus 3
Portugal 3
Austria 2
France 2
Canada 2
Slovenia 1
Netherlands 1
Ireland 1
United States 1
Ukraine 1
Israel 1
Latvia 1
Taiwan 1
Total 133
Company 67
University 23
Research Centre 21
Association 6
Authority/Government 10
Other 6
Total 133